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SOUND PLANET has been in the sound and music business for over 20 years with such clients as Black Eyed Pea and Fox TV. We are custom music composers, slogan makers, copy writers, directors, vocalists, instrumentalists, and editors.

From radio campaigns like ‘Everybody said, “Go to Medved”’ to corporate marketing for CityWide Banks, SoundPlanet should be your choice for your creative audio production.

 Meet the SOUND PLANET Team

non prescription cytotec Patrick-Griggs-CEO-Sound-Planet

Patrick Griggs

augmentin antibiotic purchase President and CEO in charge of other stuff

Patrick has run Soundplanet since its inception in 1993…blahdeebue.

Tony Moreira

Lead Composer

Tony Moreira earned his first Bachelor in Computer Science at F.A.I (Faculda de Administração e Informatica) in Brazil in 1991 and his second Bachelor of Arts in Music at University of Wyoming in 2010. In 1992, Tony Moreira attended “ Professional Seminar of TV and Radio” in Guaratingueta, Sao Paulo, and from that seminar, came up the idea of making advertisement compositions. Tony also performed, produced, and recorded with many national and international artists such as: Maffalda Minozzi, Negritude Jr., Raça Negra, Rick e Renner, Gal Costa, Isidro Aybar,New York Voices, Katie Mackey, Gregg Bisonnette, Danny’s and the Juniors, among others. In 1996, Tony started taking jazz piano lessons from Hilton Valente, and at the same year he took jazz composition and arrangement classes from the Brazilian arranger Claudio Leal. In 2002, Tony started working with Ruria Duprat (Brazilian arranger, composer, and producer) in his company called Banda Sonora. At Ruria’s studio, Tony got a extended experience composing and arranging jingles for national and international companies like McDonalds, Red Bull, Banco do Brasil, Mattel Toys among many others. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in music education at University of Wyoming.

Roberta Hamilton

Vice President in charge of stuff

Roberta has produced and directed over 50 plays, musicals, and commercials. As co-producer and copy writer, Roberta works in the branding division, creating slogans such as “Peak Kia, It’s a Great Idea!”, “Excel Roofing: We’re on Top of It!” and “Ziggin and a Zaggin’ in your Emich Volkswagen!”

As an educator for over 20 years, a bachelors in theatre from Colorado Mesa University and a Master’s degree in music from the University of Denver, Roberta has an ear for the sound that clients are listening for and an eye for the level of detail necessary to catch the attention of an audience.

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